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Overnight to Nuremberg

Day 7

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We awoke early this morning to find that we were already docked in Nuremberg. Our tour of Nuremberg was to be early so we showered and quickly went down for breakfast. After breakfast we returned to our room and waited until it was time for the buses to arrive. While we were waiting, the skies opened up and a gentle rain began falling. We decided that full rain gear would be the plan. We boarded our bus and went on a driving tour of Nuremberg. We passed by many remnants of Nazi Germany, including the Documentation Centre Nazi Party Rally Grounds. It was an immense area and we were disappointed that the bus didn’t stop to let us have a look. We then drove to the old part of Nuremberg and passed by the imposing city walls, complete with a dry moat and huge towers. Finally we arrived at Nuremberg Castle where we departed the bus and began our walking tour. The entrance to the castle was really well thought out and constructed. First off invaders would have had to cross the narrow bridge above the dry moat. Then the builders had put a sharp turn in to make battering rams impractical. If the invaders happened to get passed that entrance, they had to continue through a tunnel that had openings in the top to pour hot tar and boiling grease. 7E3BEB1D-D033-4DFE-BAAE-3F8006D92B22.jpeg233884E7-E602-482F-979B-24E7FD1C45F6.jpeg1FB56D75-A03B-4A35-A52E-982B7C8BADAF.jpegNot surprisingly, to me anyhow, the castle was never breached. We walked around with our guide for a while, stopping to take some panoramic pictures. Not the best view today because of the rain. 2CD3CDD9-1B17-4DB3-A25A-750091747B38.jpegWe left the castle and walked down the street to the house that Albrecht Dürer grew up in. Dürer is a noted German Renaissance artist from the 1500’s. We continued on down to the main square of the city: the Hauptmarkt.445840FC-DBA7-4D36-B2A2-5EC82EF5B935.jpegF45A4458-E14B-4C5F-9EDB-520ADC5429C4.jpeg It is a lovely square with a church on one end and restaurants and bars on the outside. Included in our visit was a beer and bratwurst tasting. We went into the cafe, sat down and were served a beer and a bratwurst sandwich. It was really good, but we were surprised that, in Nuremberg, sauerkraut did not accompany the sandwich.1B78F668-8645-4BA2-B6E6-3DC0871DEE9C.jpeg After our snack, we went into the square where a market had been set up. We made our way through the stalls and Arlene bought some marzipan and I bought some cheese. We then returned to the buses to be transported back to the boat. It had quit raining by the time we got back to the boat so we decided to go for a long walk along the canal. It was still overcast, but the temperature was very pleasant. Then it was time to get back on board for the journey to Regensburg. We were kind of disappointed with our time in Nuremberg in that it was too short. We could have spent a couple of days here. What we were able to see was just a small fraction of the city.
We then sailed to the end of the canal where we entered a lock that raised us 25 meters. Since Amsterdam we have increased our elevation by over 300m, mostly through locks. We encountered a lock as we were leaving Nuremberg and were deposited onto a very tame canal. 9933F0AD-8E04-4264-AE32-B375B0BD0B97.jpegWe sailed on for a couple of hours and were interrupted by an announcement from our cruise director that the captain had opened the sun deck for us to watch us enter a lock. We were astounded by the sight we were treated to. The ships bar crew brought us wine to enjoy the view of the lock we were in. DEEBE561-215C-4720-9DA1-F65D39AF03A3.jpeg2CDF8EF6-C6B5-451F-8CFC-EDC31CF26C3A.jpeg26338D7B-E2C2-4BC3-A3BD-C173AC0ADE3C.jpeg940DD5A1-C506-45FF-849C-3BB032EBBA23.jpeglarge_4E98827A-93F6-4B25-A2DD-3DDAAF036066.jpegThe captain demonstrated how the ship’s bridge was lowered to deal with the numerous low bridges we had encountered. More impressively was the expanse of lock we were travelling through.B7F91134-50EF-48C7-BA49-4E71A1FAD104.jpegC652DC10-B00A-4D05-A585-6DD387227083.jpeg The boat was being raised by 30 m as we watched. It was a highlight of my cruise to this point.
We then retired to the lounge for our daily port talk. This was followed by a highlight dinner. German meatballs with a caper sauce, leg of lamb and profiteroles for desert. 75FB98B5-41D2-4AED-AA99-CFDCB2C22A95.jpegThis was accompanied by a Hungarian bulls blood red. We decided to call it a night after this and returned to our cabin for the evening.

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