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Regensburg and Passau

Days 8 and 9

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We took our time this morning as we were not due to arrive in Regensburg until lunchtime. As we were getting ready to go ashore we had an announcement that our time in Regensburg, which was pretty short as it was, would be even shorter because of rising river waters. The concern was that we might not be able to pass under some low bridges if water levels increased. This was a disappointment to some of us as it meant that our brewery tour had to be cancelled. We decided to forego the walking tour provided by our tour and do our own thing. We walked first to the huge gothic cathedral that is the centrepiece of the town. 75FEFE5A-EC7C-4889-A9E4-D251C66C9879.jpegIt was impressive and we toured through it. We then wandered around and found an athletic competition in one of the squares. We watched that for a bit, then continued wandering rather aimlessly. Soon it was time to return to the boat. Regensburg will not stick in our heads as a memorable place. Maybe not fair as our time there was very limited. As soon as all were aboard, we left and were on our way down the Danube to Passau. As we were sailing we noticed that instead of being raised through locks, we were now being lowered. Sometimes about 15 metres. B255A871-AF91-4C13-9D39-F48DE8535A61.jpeg4A9159CF-091C-4989-AFF0-77E1CDC24311.jpegThe scenery continued to be rural. We had our regular pre dinner cocktail and port talk followed by dinner. After dinner we were entertained in the lounge by our entertainment director. F21399D4-4A85-4BCB-9954-7831607B97A9.jpegSadly this was his last night with us as he is needed on another boat.
We sailed through the night and awakened as we docked in Passau. After an early breakfast we set out on our guided tour of the city. We went first to the St. Stephen’s Cathedral. It is a baroque building from the 1600’s that was built to replace the original gothic cathedral that burned down.07E2FB0E-F8FB-47B4-B727-987D1442A353.jpegA7D1E9FB-C712-492B-B3ED-65C71F0C6DC4.jpeg Remains of the gothic cathedral can be seen from behind the current structure. St. Stephen’s contains the largest church organ outside of the U.S. with some 17 774 pipes. Unfortunately we were visiting on a Sunday and we were unable to go in as there was a service happening. Also today is the start of the city’s beer festival. There were people from all around in traditional garb waiting to take part in the parade which kicks off the festival.
Passau is at the confluence of 3 rivers. We walked down to the Inn River which originates in the Swiss Alps. It is a huge river.A672F079-F9A6-43A4-B26A-28C3F31C1F27.jpegWe then walked across to view the Veste Oberhaus and Veste Niederhaus. Both are located high on a hill overlooking the town. They were originally part of the fortress of the Bishop.E6CDD3C1-918C-4D3E-8AAD-E900EB3A0D61.jpeg Finally we ended up at the town hall which was most noteworthy for the high water marks that are shown.46E70913-7F59-4973-92B2-798681D251A4.jpeg Being at the confluence of three rivers is not without its drawbacks. The city is really pretty and we really enjoyed our walk. We walked along the river to get some steps in and people watch, then it was time to return to the boat. We returned to the boat and couldn’t help but notice that the parade was about to begin. We were concerned that we would be leaving, but it turns out that the boat’s captain loves a parade. He delayed our departure for 30 minutes. We had a first hand view of hundreds of regional groups displaying their regional flags and costumes. We saw oompah bands, teams of horses and marchers in traditional costumes. 21FAE69C-E488-4063-A5D7-F77CFDA90B7F.jpegC9A5C196-F486-4EB7-B8EF-E492C329BBA9.jpeg7F2A9337-2C63-4489-B8B7-76CCFE1386B3.jpegIt was great fun, but we had to set sail. We continued to travel down the Danube. Very relaxing and idyllic scenery.9EEEE233-EED2-4BE9-ADBD-0D638D337D80.jpeg6C55B15E-1F24-40B3-98EE-AA37699D44F3.jpeg The sun deck was open, but with the wind it was too chilly for us so we watched from our cabin.
Around 5:00 we arrived in Linz, our first stop in Austria. We had some time here so we were determined to make the best of it. We were the first off the boat. We headed for the city centre.55F1BF0B-2429-4858-9329-3287EB5C68EF.jpegWe then continued on to the huge gothic cathedral. The cathedral was another jaw dropping experience. The closer we got, the higher the spire seemed. 71EE1EEB-A40F-4AA8-BC15-9A8D85E2C384.jpegTurned out to be 135m. We walked into the cathedral and saw that it was just about time for a service, so we quietly made our way through the cathedral. Soon the organ began to play. The music was amazing and there was no way we were leaving while it continued to play. All too soon the praying began and we let ourselves out a side door. We walked back to the boat for our evening briefing and dinner. After dinner we still had some time before we left so we walked over to a fair on the other side of the river. Oh to be young again. Tons of people, crazy as f..k rides, a beer garden that you dream about. F523C460-4380-46C8-8809-3BF239E2B3DA.jpeg37AA9C53-F076-4AAB-B890-3399DD028864.jpeg7A5004C9-A207-400B-B0AA-7F55AE880FB7.jpegWe walked through the throngs of people then made our way back to our boat. large_2BE3FAB3-2D01-49B5-B05B-B486D4676379.jpegA nightcap was followed by time on the balcony.

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